tumblr_ms5g2rks8z1qhgogbo1_1280Fotografia por Alexander Liberman (Nova Iorque, 1959)

“His competitive play in Hyères, Paris, The Hague, Marseilles, Nice, Hamburg, Prague, La Baule and Folkestone occasionally resulted in what were, to Duchamp, gratuitous victories. In 1930, he played to a draw with the American champion, Frank Marshall, and in 1932, he won the Paris chess competition. But Duchamp always insisted that winning was not the point. He wanted to get away from winning so that he could comprehend chess in the same way he had gotten away from painting, so that he would not fall into the trap of becoming an addict to the smell of turpentine. To be seduced by the act of art was tantamount to losing one’s ability to comment intelligently about it.”

Neil Baldwin in Man Ray: American Artist (Da Capo Press, 2000)