w1siziisijk3njy0il0swyjwiiwiy29udmvydcisii1yzxnpemugmjawmhgymdawxhuwmdnlil1dMarcel Duchamp . Designs for Chessmen (1920)

“The chess figures in these four sketches are quite similar to those in the set of rubber-stamp chessmen Duchamp designed in Buenos Aires in 1918; the Rook, Pawn, and Queen are almost identical to one another, and the King, Knight and Bishop differ only in minor details. Duchamp adopted the figure of the Knight (resembling a braying ass) for the letterhead of the Société Anonyme, wich he designed. In three of these drawings, a single figure appears in the upper left-hand corner of the sheet, as he considered each piece in turn for the stationary of the new organization.”

Arturo Schwarz in The Complete Works of Marcel Duchamp (Delano Greenidge, 1997)