W1siZiIsIjIyNjMyMSJdLFsicCIsImNvbnZlcnQiLCItcmVzaXplIDIwMDB4MjAwMFx1MDAzZSJdXQBox in a Valise (From or by Marcel Duchamp or Rrose Sélavy) (1935-41) 

“The champion of Haute-Normandie, M. Duchamp, has well merited his title in consideration of his deep and solid playing. His imperturbable coolness, his ingenious style, and the impeccable way with wich he exploits the slightest advantage, make him an always formidable opponent. His previous successes in Belgium and at the Olympic Tournament were naturally harbingers of new ones.”

in Boletim da Federação Francesa de Xadrez (n.º 13, Janeiro de 1925)