“In 1925 Duchamp designed the poster for the Third French Championship, wich was held in Nice, September 2-11. As might be expected, his original graphic ideas resulted in one of the best chess tournament posters in history. For it, he photographed a number of building blocks that he had thrown into a net bag to form an accumulation and made an enlargement of this photo, eliminating all the details except for the chance configuration of the blocks in the hanging net. This enlargement was then used as a basis for the final drawing, in wich the cubes were colored light pink and black. The drawing was then reproduced against a light gray background obtained from an enlarged reproduction of a Staunton Model chess king. The casual arrangement of the cubes in the poster seems to emphasize the role of chance in a game where apparently chance has no part. Here Duchamp gives us a further example of his inclination to use play and chance as factors in his art. It was during this tournament that he was proclaimed Master of the Fédération Française des Echecs, in conformity with an article of its regulations requiring a minimum score of fifty percent to qualify for Mastership.”

Arturo Schwarz in The Complete Works of Marcel Duchamp (Delano Greenidge, 1997)