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Exhibition Announcement . The Imagery Of Chess (1944)

“The standard chess sets now in use, the FRENCH Set and the STAUNTON, are both somewhat confusing in the similarity and intricacy of their forms. In the French Set for example, the Bishop is a little Queen and the pawn a little Bishop. Cannot a new set be designed, that is, without a too radical departure from the traditional figures, at once more harmonious and more agreeable to the touch and to the sight, and above all, more adequate to the role the figure has to play in the struggle? Thus, at any moment of the drama its optical aspect would represent (by the shape of the actors) a clear incisive image of its inner conflicts. In the complicated modern game the figures should inspire the player instead of confusing him. They should whisper to him at the right moment: Move now to QB4….Break through the center….Pin the Knight….Let me win a piece….We can exchange Queens, the pawn will be metamorphosed into a new Queen….to mate the King.

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On Designing Chessmen, texto inserido na brochura da exposição The Imagery of Chess, realizada na Julien Levy Gallery  (Nova Iorque) entre 12 de Dezembro de 1944 e 31 de Janeiro de 1945.